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Customize the appearance of your vehicle by wrapping the entire body or parts of the vehicle, such as covering chrome details in a colour of your choice.

Wrapping the body of a vehicle is a more affordable option than painting and can be removed in the future if desired. Chrome delete adds a touch of your personal style to your vehicle. Both wrapping the body as well as the chrome details provides a unique and customized look to your car, truck or SUV.



Black out your chrome for a custom look

Chrome delete is a great way to elevate the appearance of your vehicle. Many customers prefer the look of black accents rather than chrome on the grill, window trim, door sills and handles. Many customers choose black for the accents but any colour of your choice can be used. Ask us about colour options!

Window trim $399 

Door handles $50/ handle

Mirror caps 


IMG_7191 copy 2.jpg

Change the appearance of your car without painting

If you want to change the colour of your car or truck, wrapping it is a great option. The choices of colour and finish are endless and the wrap can always be removed in the future in the event you would like to restore the vehicle to its original colour. 
Many businesses wrap their company vehicles with their logo for great advertising.

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We offer financing for any service over $500. Please contact us for more information

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